Bridge River Penstock Refurbishment Permanent and Temporary Engineering

Bridge River Penstock Refurbishment Permanent and Temporary Engineering

Client: Hazelwood
Project Location: Bridge River, BC

Disciplines: Civil, Structural, Mechanical
Keywords: Power Generation, Hydro, Detailed Design, Penstock, Construction Support, QA
Status: Completed

The contractor retained EnFlux to act as consultant and water conveyance expert in the temporary and permanent works for the Bridge River Refurbishment Project. EnFlux engaged in the design of temporary and permanent access hatches, working platforms, guardrails, and anchors. This included the design basis report, calculations, design drawings, and construction and installation procedures. EnFlux also designed water supply systems that were utilized for pressure washing and other construction activities. Review of shop drawings, weld procedures, and relevant documentation from suppliers was also completed by EnFlux. On site EnFlux staff supported quality assurance of work and hydrostatic testing to evaluate any changes to the structures during construction.


= Design of cart and winch system for the automated blaster and paint rig,
= Design and commissioning of pressurized water lines for pressure washing and fire protection. Pre and post-project hydrostatic inspection of penstocks,
= Design of working platforms, anchors, temporary hatches to support the project execution, and
= QA and technical support througout the project.