Civil Design Services

Civil Design Services

Client: Hecla Yukon
Project Location: YK

Disciplines: Civil
Keywords: Mining, Civil Works, Reclamation
Status: Ongoing

EnFlux Engineering Ltd. provides support to Hecla Yukon and Tetra Tech for producing the drawing package for the United Keno Hill Mines Mine Site Reclamation Project. The project objective was to close multiple Waster Rock Storage Areas and Open pits for the historical mining site located in Yukon based on the public health and safety, the protection and restoration of the environment, to restore the mine site to a state that supports community and traditional land use. Enflux’s work includes using digital elevation model (DEM) to assist design works such as slope surface regarding for physical stability and safety, management of upgradient surface water (including adit discharge, to direct flow around or away from the waste rock by constructed channels or surface contouring), and earthwork quantities calculations. EnFlux also helps create overall land individual site plans for civil works, existing buildings demolition, field surface revegetation, and “site to site” plans of existing and post reclamation conditions.


= Design support for reclamation project in Yukon, and
= Preparation of detailed site plan for each reclamation site.