Jamie Creek Inspection and Repairs: Civil Works

Jamie Creek Inspection and Repairs: Civil Works

Client: Boralex
Project Location: Gold Bridge, BC

Disciplines: Civil, Geotechnical
Keywords: Hydro, Civil Works, Penstock
Status: Completed

EnFlux was hired to determine if water observed by operators on site was coming from the Jamie Creek Hydroelectric Penstock. After reviewing the record documentation and preliminary information provided by operators on site, EnFlux developed an inspection plan, mobilized a team to site, and performed a preliminary non-invasive inspection. Based on observations and measurements from the preliminary inspection, EnFlux provided recommendations to minimize risk of continued operation until more invasive inspection could be performed. EnFlux provided a plan for additional inspection and included repair options for potential defects that were deemed most likely to be encountered. EnFlux provided engineering support to the contractors during excavation of material from around the penstock. The site presence of EnFlux staff allowed for modify the repair plan to best suit the repairs and ensure that future problems with ground water in the area observed would not repeat.


= Review and inspection of the deficiency observed,
= Root cause analysis,
= Repair design and procedures and recommended monitoring, and
= Field construction support.