Lois GS Penstock Repairs

Lois GS Penstock Repairs

Client: BBA
Project Location: Powell River, BC

Disciplines: Civil, Structural, Mechanical
Keywords: Power Generation, Hydro, Detailed Design, Penstock, Construction Support, QA
Status: Completed

Based on the condition assessment and fitness for service assessment conducted, EnFlux staff developed a detailed repair plan for critical sections of the Lois GS penstock deemed to have no remaining service life (as per current codes and standards). In addition to the repair plan, EnFlux representatives were present on site to provide professional engineering services during the repair process, performing quality assurance reviews of the repair procedures, and inspect the completed repairs prior to the penstock being returned to service.


= Design and implemenation of immediate repairs to concrete, tunnel lining and steel penstock that are recommended based on the field conditions observed and results of the condition assessment,
= Design and replacement of an slip type expansion joint,
= QA and construction support for repairs recommended.