Lois GS Surge Tower Inspection and Condition Assessment

Lois GS Surge Tower Inspection and Condition Assessment

Client: BBA
Project Location: Powell River, BC

Disciplines: Civil/Structural, Mechanical, Geotechnical
Keywords: Power Generation, Penstock, Hydro, Inspection, Assessment, Dam Safety
Status: Completed

EnFlux was retained by the client as the prime consultant, penstock expert, and engineer of record. EnFlux was involved in conducting a detailed multidisciplinary inspection of the aging penstock (Concrete, riveted steel and tunnel). Post-inspection, EnFlux proceeded to perform a condition assessment and fitness for service analysis of the different sections of the penstock. A transient analysis was performed on the system to determine the loading conditions at the different sections of the penstock. Based on the results, EnFlux proposed repairs for critical components and developed a plan and schedule for continued monitoring of the penstock to track degradation at key areas throughout the system.


= Scoping detailed inspection of the penstock at Lois Generation Station,
= Technical support during the planning phase,
= Field representation during inspection of concrete, tunnel and riveted steel penstock sections,
= Gathering field data for detailed condition assessment to determine remaining life of the penstock,
= Level 3 (numerical) analysis for condition assessment of structures, and
= SDI inspection and certification of isolation devices and preparation of confined space certification.