Myra Falls Penstock Repairs

Myra Falls Penstock Repairs

Client: BBA
Project Location: Comox, BC

Disciplines: Structural, Mechanical
Keywords: Power Generation, Hydro, Detailed Design, Penstock, Construction Support, QA
Status: Completed

EnFlux Engineering Ltd. performed an inspection of the penstock at Myra Falls Generation Station. A defect at a nozzle was identified during the inspection. EnFlux determined the defect was a result of excessive deformation due to live loads on the nozzle attached to the penstock. EnFlux provided detailed instructions to repair the defect as well as recommended inspection and testing to verify the quality of the welded repair. Additionally, EnFlux prepared a Single Device Isolation Certification of Isolation for the headgate (For dewatering the penstock to perform the repairs).


= Inspection of the defect observed on penstock, and
= Preparation of the field repair procedure along with repair specifications,
= Construction support and QA, and
= Inspection of the isolation device and SDI certification.