Ocean Falls Penstock Replacement

Ocean Falls Penstock Replacement

Client: BBA
Project Location: Ocean Falls, BC

Disciplines: Civil, Structural, Mechanical
Keywords: Power Generation, Penstock, Hydro
Status: Ongoing

EnFlux staff performed a Level 3 API 579 Fitness-for Service assessment on existing water conveyance system that is over 100 years old. A novel FMECA risk analysis procedure was developed and implemented to determine residual risk of operating the penstock in its current condition. EnFlux staff completed the assessment in a short time frame and proposed repair as well as replacement options to improve the stability of the penstocks for continuous operation. A staged replacement option was selected following the review of the recommended methods to mitigate/eliminate the risk of operation. EnFlux Engineering Ltd. continues to work with the stakeholders to optimize the design of repair, replacement options, and is the Engineer of Record for penstock replacement project staged over 4 years based on risk identified.


= Detailed inspection and condition assessment of penstock per API579 Fitness For Service standard,
= Developing and implementing a novel FMECA process to determine and rank risk,
= Recommended repair and replacement options to mitigate/eliminate the risk of operating penstock in its current condition,
= Defining and implementing a 4 year replacement program at Ocean Falls GS,
= EOR for penstock design and replacement,
= Fabrication and construction support as well as QA, and
= Inspection and analysis on isolation devices, and SDI certification for isolation devices included 4 TIVs, headgate and the penstock filling valve.