Powell River Penstock Risk Assessment

Powell River Penstock Risk Assessment

Client: Evolugen
Project Location: Powell River, BC

Disciplines: Civil/Structural, Mechanical, Geotechnical
Keywords: Power Generation, Hydro, Penstock, Risk Assessment, Asset Management, Dam Safety
Status: Completed

Based on historical records, input from client and facility stakeholders, and EnFlux’s extensive penstock experience, EnFlux Engineering Ltd. performed an FMECA on P4 and revised the previous risk assessment performed in 2017 for P2, P3 and P5 considering all the site repairs performed on these penstocks. EnFlux then used risk-priority-numbers from the FMECAs to develop repair and replacement options/means to address the risk associated with operating all penstocks at Powell River GS in their current condition.


= Developing a novel FMECA process where all failure modes were defined and a risk priority number was assingned for each failure mode based on consequence, likelihood and detectability of failure,
= Implemented to assess risk asssociated for operating over 100 year old penstocks at Powell River GS,
= Once the risk is determined, EnFlux provided a detailed list of methods to mitigate or eliminate the risk associated with each failure mode, and
= Results are later used to determine an asset management program with short and long term planning to address all risk identified.