Trio Creek Hydroelectric Project

Trio Creek Hydroelectric Project

Client: BBA
Project Location: Harrison Lake, BC

Disciplines: Civil/Structural, Mechanical, Geotechnical
Keywords: Power Generation, Hydro, Detailed Design, Construction Support, QA
Status: Completed

EnFlux staff were involved in the Trio Creek Project through the preliminary site investigation stage, hydrological assessments, energy studies, and design. Design included intake, hydraulics, penstock, powerhouse, access roads, and all other associated hydroelectric project works. The EnFlux team optimized the design using their extensive experience and advanced analysis & design tools. EnFlux also provided professional engineering services on site to monitor quality of the construction and further optimize the design.


= Not only during early stages of the project, but also EnFlux staff involved in many aspects of the design including the intake, powerhouse, penstock,
= Hydraulic analysis using CFD (ANSYS) at intake,
= Design of miscellaneous metal and fabrication and construction support,
= EOR for penstock design, and
= QA and construction support.