Waltham Hydro GS Vibration Analysis

Waltham Hydro GS Vibration Analysis

Client: Evolugen
Project Location: Waltham, QC

Disciplines: Civil/Structural, Mechanical, Geotechnical
Keywords: Power Generation, Hydro, Conceptual Design, Cost Estimate
Status: Ongoing

Penstock vibrations were observed during operation of the hydropower facility. EnFlux reviewed the design of the penstock in question and developed a plan to perform vibration testing of the penstock as well as designed an instrumentation system to install on the penstock for continued monitoring of vibrations. Natural frequency response testing was performed while the penstock was empty as well as full of water (but not operating) to calibrate numerical model of the system. EnFlux provided preliminary recommendations based on these results and are waiting to receive data from the vibration monitoring system.


= Detailed review of penstock design and any studies performed on penstocks by others,
= A report was prepared to summarize the historical studies performed, results and recommendations provided,
= Provided a detailed instrumentation plan to monitor and gather vibration data at site,
= Performed natural frequency response testing,
= Instumentation, once commissioned, will gather data which will later be used part of a detailed analysis to determine critical operation zones and local penstock shell where fatigue failure is expected,
= Repair/replacement/reinforcement concepts will be developed and presented based on the results, and
= The model and instrumentation will be used for monitoring of penstock until the repairs/reinforcement/replacement recommendations are implemented.