Whitehorse GS: Penstock Repairs

Whitehorse GS: Penstock Repairs

Client: BBA
Project Location: Whitehorse, YK

Disciplines: Civil/Structural, Mechanical, Geotechnical
Keywords: Power Generation, Hydro, Detailed Design, Penstock, Construction Support, QA
Status: Completed

Based on the results of the Root Cause Analysis prepared and information gathered, EnFlux staff produced the detailed design for repair of the Whitehorse GS penstock. EnFlux performed the Engineering of Record duties for the detailed design of the repairs and construction support during completion of the repairs on site. In addition, isolation devices such as stop logs and gates were inspected and analyzed and SDI certifications were prepared for these devices.


= SDI certification of stop logs and gates,
= Detailed design of the repairs to the penstocks,
= Preparation of recommended monitoring in place to monitor penstocks to prevent future defects/failure, and
= Site support and QA role throughout the repair project.