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Transforming Ideas into Reality

EnFlux Engineering Ltd. (EnFlux) was established in late November of 2020 under the sole proprietorship of Dr. Kerem Karakoç. In January of 2021, Glen Ichikawa, former owner of Kawa Engineering Ltd., and a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by Clean Energy BC joined Dr. Karakoç to create a strong collaboration. Their combined experience coupled with unparalleled expertise on energy and pipeline, they have formed a multidisciplinary engineering team that provides consulting services for a diverse industry including renewable energy, pressure vessel design and inspection, and power generation. Located in the downtown core of Vancouver BC, EnFlux’s agile, experienced, and distinct team of professionals serves our clients from coast to coast and internationally.

EnFlux engages in the planning, design, and construction phases of greenfield and brownfield projects. EnFlux develops innovative design tools and methodologies conforming to current codes and standards to realize and optimize our clients’ needs. EnFlux continually evolves with advancements in engineering. State-of-the-art modelling, and computer aided design tools are utilized to develop a strong platform for project optimization.

With the team’s innovation and state of the art engineering, EnFlux will add value to your project needs from condition and risk assessment to conceptual and final design, construction, and management.

Ingrained in our culture, EnFlux is dedicated to building a sustainable future through innovation with environment and community in mind. EnFlux is committed to Health, Safety, Environment, Diversity, Technical Excellence, Quality, Accountability, Efficiency, Integrity and giving back to society. We believe that to achieve a common goal requires a collaborative effort.

EnFlux speaks one language that recognizes the essence of accountability, mindfulness, sustainability, and innovation.


Kerem Karakoc, P.Eng., P.E., Ph.D.

Dr. Karakoç has over 15 years of extensive theoretical and practical experience in modeling, design, optimization, prototyping and control of mechanical components and systems. In addition to his expertise in electromagnetics and electromechanical actuators, he designs and optimizes pressure vessels, dynamic and morphing structures using applicable codes and standards with the help of custom routines he developed. He is a registered API510 Pressure Vessel Inspector and has been involved in numerous inspections of new and old pressure conduits, mainly penstocks, and provided engineering recommendations as necessary to address the flaws observed. He also has experience in stability analysis of concrete structures, soil restraint, hydraulic design of structures and transient analysis in pressurized conduits. Apart from technical knowledge, he managed several Hydro Plant Construction/Repair projects that are commissioned and currently operational. He also developed and successfully implemented a novel FMECA procedure to evaluate operation of aging assets at their current state.


Glen Ichikawa, P.Eng.

Mr. Ichikawa has over 40 years of experience in hydropower engineering. He has experience in designing tunnels, concrete dams/weirs, spillways, intakes, canals, pipelines, penstocks, and powerhouses (both hydraulically and structurally). He has an extensive background in hydrology, energy, and power generation modelling. He has expertise in the design of buried and surface penstocks from diameters ranging from 16 to 148 inches and heads of over 900 m. He has been involved in the design and construction supervision of projects ranging from 10 kW to over 160 MW. Over the past 18 years Mr. Ichikawa has worked on 32 clean energy projects that have been constructed or under construction. He has worked closely with EPC contractors on developing successful bids and detailed design engineering services that include construction supervision. He has experience in site investigations, conceptual to final designs, and construction supervision of hydroelectric schemes in North, Central, and South America, the Caribbean, and Asia. He has managed and coordinated multidisciplinary teams of geologists, surveyors, borehole drillers, seismic geophysicists, hydrologists, and geotechnical engineers in the field. He has managed and coordinated the overall design team on several projects that involve hydraulic, civil, structural, geotechnical, electrical, and mechanical design engineers. In 2014, Mr. Ichikawa was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award by Clean Energy BC.

Divine Abad, Designer

Simon Cheung, Designer

Aashish Karna, E.I.T.

Andy Lee, Designer

Daniel Sitter, P.Eng., Engineer

Walter Teo, E.I.T.

Tony Yu, E.I.T